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Australia – a country located on the territory of mainland Australia, Tasmania island and several Islands of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Satellite map of Australia shows that the country has only a water border with other States: East Timor, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. The area of Australia is 7,692,024 sq/km, making AU the sixth largest country in the world. Most of the country is desert, so the populous city can be found only in the South-East and on the North of the country.
The capital of Australia is Canberra but the largest city is Sydney: its population number more than the population of the capital more than 13 times. BTW there is many Australian tourist attractions in Sydney, one of them famous Sydney Opera Theatre. 90% of the total population of Australia is classified as urban population, and only the remaining 10% is classified as rural population.
Australia is divided into 6 States (Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, South and Western Australia) and two mainland territories (Northern territory and Federal capital Territory). The largest cities in the country – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
Australia has one of the most developed economies in the world, based on the service sector, natural resources extraction and agriculture. The main problem of the country in the last years became fresh water. As a result, the country built many desalination stations, and imposed prohibitions on the use of fresh water.
Australian weather is contrast. In some areas very dry and others humid, tropical, but in General Australia is a dry continent with a fairly flat landscape. Of course, there are mountains: they occupy almost 20% of the entire territory, and the highest is mount Kosciuszko in the Australian Alps, rises above sea level on 2228 m. The lowest point is Lake Eyre located in South Australia, depth 15 meters below sea level. Australia located in three climatic zones: subequatorial, tropical and subtropical. If we consider a part of Australia island of Tasmania, then add another zone - temperate.
This is interactive map of Australia with states and capital cities, it is also called - online atlas. On road map you can find distance between cities and many directions of Australia. Australia is a good country for tourism and have long and interesting history.