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Welcome to Wagga Wagga google satellite map. This is a city in New South Wales. You can drag and zoom this map, this will help you explore streets of Wagga Wagga. To switch view of map from satellite map to road map and back, you need to click button from left side on map of Wagga Wagga. Online tourist map of Wagga Wagga AU in English can help tourists orient themselves, find the locations of attractions, find hotels and plan their tour. You can find a list of new Wagga Wagga streets on the map. Click on street title to see the position on Wagga Wagga street map. In case you did not find the right street in the list, use Street search, under the map. To do this, write the name of the street, and you will get a table of similar streets titles. On the page for a quick access, is made a list of cities in New South Wales. For the convenience of tourists, there is a part with a list of popular routes from Wagga Wagga. If you do not find direction which you want, then go to the section of Distances Calculator.
Wagga Wagga GPS Coordinates:
Google Local — Wagga Wagga map.
You are on map of Australia, New South Wales, Australia, it has geographical coordinates are Latitude -35.1250948, and Longitude 147.349649, and its original name is Wagga Wagga.
According to open data population of Wagga Wagga is 55381 people.