Driving directions between Darwin and Sydney

  1. 0.1 kmHead north on McMinn St toward Tiger Brennan Dr
  2. 16.0 kmTurn right onto Tiger Brennan Dr
  3. 2.2 kmKeep right to stay on Tiger Brennan Dr
  4. 571 kmMerge onto National Highway 1
  5. 375 kmContinue onto National Highway 87
  6. 635 kmTurn left onto Barkly Hwy/National Highway 66
    Continue to follow Barkly Hwy
    Entering Queensland
  7. 135 kmTurn left onto A2/National Route 83
    Continue to follow A2
  8. 336 kmTurn right onto Landsborough Hwy/A2
  9. 176 kmTurn right to stay on Landsborough Hwy/A2
  10. 1.0 kmAt the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Landsborough Hwy/A2
  11. 107 kmAt the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Landsborough Hwy/Sir Hudson Fysh Dr/A2
    Continue to follow Landsborough Hwy/A2
  12. 330 kmTurn right onto Box St/Landsborough Hwy/A2
    Continue to follow Landsborough Hwy/A2
  13. 276 kmTurn right onto Mitchell Hwy/A71/National Highway Alt A2
    Continue to follow Mitchell Hwy/A71
  14. 254 kmTurn left to stay on Mitchell Hwy/A71
    Continue to follow Mitchell Hwy
    Entering New South Wales
  15. 1.5 kmSlight left onto Tarcoon St
  16. 202 kmTurn left onto Mitchell Hwy/B71
    Continue to follow Mitchell Hwy
  17. 0.2 kmTurn left onto Mitchell Hwy/Moonagee St/A32
  18. 126 kmTurn right onto Mitchell Hwy/Nymagee St/A32
    Continue to follow Mitchell Hwy/A32
  19. 30.8 kmTurn left onto Burraway St/Mitchell Hwy/A32
    Continue to follow Mitchell Hwy/A32
  20. 6.4 kmTurn left onto Bunglegumbie Rd
  21. 2.5 kmSlight left onto Troy Bridge Rd
  22. 11.4 kmContinue onto Boothenba Rd
  23. 24.8 kmTurn left onto Dunedoo Rd/Golden Hwy/B84
    Continue to follow Golden Hwy/B84
    Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or days
  24. 6.4 kmTurn right onto Muronbung Rd
  25. 0.3 kmTurn left onto Cobbora Rd
  26. 33.3 kmTurn right onto Gollan Rd
  27. 23.4 kmTurn left onto Goolma Rd
  28. 9.1 kmTurn right onto Guntawang Rd
  29. 14.8 kmTurn right onto Castlereagh Hwy/B55
  30. 0.9 kmTurn right onto Castlereagh Hwy/Douro St/B55
  31. 117 kmTurn left onto Castlereagh Hwy/Horatio St/B55
    Continue to follow Castlereagh Hwy/B55
  32. 71.2 kmMerge onto Great Western Hwy/A32 via the ramp to Lithgow
  33. 17.9 kmContinue straight to stay on Great Western Hwy/A32
  34. 43.0 kmContinue onto Western Motorway/M4
    Partial toll road
  35. 3.0 kmKeep right to continue on M4
  36. 3.5 kmMerge onto Great Western Hwy/Parramatta Rd/A4
  37. 4.8 kmTurn left onto Wattle St/A4
    Continue to follow A4
  38. 0.5 kmSlight left onto James Craig Rd/A4
    Continue to follow A4
  39. 2.0 kmSlight left onto Victoria Rd/A4
    Continue to follow A4
  40. 0.6 kmKeep left to continue on Western Distributor/A4
  41. 0.2 kmTake the exit toward City Centre/City N
  42. 0.2 kmContinue onto Western Distributor
  43. 0.5 kmContinue onto King St

Detailed road map indicates that estimate distance between Darwin and Sydney = 3971716 meters.

With good weather and great road conditions you can drive by car to Sydney from Darwin in 158234 minutes.